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We’re looking for seasoned professionals—folks who are not only experienced with VMware applications, but who are also engaging, top-notch storytellers and speakers—to provide case study and topic-based presentations and participate in panel discussions.

The high quality of our presenters, panelists, and workshop instructors helps to differentiate VMUG from other industry events. Our offerings are highly-focused, well-respected, intimate, educational events designed to help attendees learn about the topics, standards, methods and technologies utilized today to enable cloud infrastructure solutions.

If you’re an excellent or aspiring presenter who has experienced first-hand the business value that VMware solutions can deliver, we want to hear from you! If you have personally worked to help an organization overcome complex data center challenges—and had to balance investment against the rate at which concrete returns can be realized—we want to hear from you.

Speaking at VMUG events is a fantastic experience and if you have ever attended, you know that the quality of session speakers is extremely high. If you are thinking “Hey, I have a great story to tell and I should submit my idea!” here are a few tips and guidelines to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

Types of Events:

  • Live Events
  • Virtual Events
  • Webinars

Submit your Presentation

Steps to Submit a Successful Presentation

Select an educational track
Write your title and abstract
Build your slide deck
Present your story

Questions to help you get started

What products have you found particularly useful in your work?
Do you have a success story about a product? Describe the process which led to your success.
Do you have a best use case for any particular products? If so, please share.
What new products have you recently deployed and what has been the impact on your organization?
What tips and tricks do you have for planning for the future in an ever-changing industry?

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