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    VMUG Advantage is the best way to stay on top of your technical skills with discounts on training, certifications, attendance at VMworld and on product licenses.

    VMUG Advantage savings on VMware training and education are valued at $2,300+ per year. Check out our Savings Calculator below to see how you could be saving with a VMUG Advantage subscription. Make the most out of your VMUG membership today and take advantage of VMUG Advantage!

    VMware's EVALExperience

    VMware's EVALExperience gives you exclusive access to nine VMware applications to test for 365 days for personal use in a non-production environment. EVALExperience provides all of the tools you need to stay in the game and take your career to the next level, all in one place!

    VMUG Savings Calculator

    Explore all of the savings you can get by becoming a VMUG Advantage Member by using the VMUG Advantage Calculator

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    Get Your Employer On Board

    We know the benefits provided by the Advantage Subscription will help you succeed in earning more while spending less, which is why we'd like to help you explain that to your employer. To help your boss understand the importance of subscribing, we've created this justification document for you to use.

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