VMware Explore 2022

VMware Explore, formerly VMworld, is happening next month and if you haven’t registered yet now’s the time. The future of multi-cloud is here, and VMware is at the center of innovation. I’m going to give you four reasons why VMware Explore is the event you don’t want to miss.    IT IS IN-PERSON  This is […]

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VMware News: July 2022

Highlights vSphere+ and vSAN+ Are Now Available! Last month, VMware announced the transformation of two of our largest revenue-generating products – vSphere+ and vSAN+ – into cloud-connected, subscription-based offerings, delivering the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads. This is a milestone release of our flagship product and represents the evolution from vSphere as a hypervisor, […]

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Dell Tech World Recap 2022

This year Dell Tech World was back in person, and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s my take on the big announcements from the week.    We’re back and in person!  The biggest takeaway after two years of virtual events is, “We are back!” You simply cannot replace the connections made at an in-person event. Each connection […]

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VMware News: June 2022

Highlights   VMware Explore is the Center of the Multi-Cloud Universe So, what does it look like to be at the center of the multi-cloud universe? It looks like 900+ sessions featuring the rich technical content you know and love to inform your cloud operations, plus fresh outside perspectives and customer success stories that will […]

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Why the Broadcom Announcement is Good for You

Broadcom has announced it would buy VMware for $60+ billion, sending a shock wave through the vCommunity. After the news broke, based on my social feeds, there were a few positives, but most seemed to question the deal. As the initial reaction has calmed, it has become more balanced but, obviously, there are still a […]

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VMware News: May 2022

Highlights   Best Practices for Kubernetes Management Rapid Kubernetes adoption has led to some unintended complexities across configurations, security, management, and more. How can you overcome or circumvent these challenges while also increasing time to value across your organization? This white paper explores how businesses have navigated the complexities of containerization, Kubernetes, Multi-Cloud orchestration, and […]

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VMware News: April 2022

Highlights   Help Us Help You – 5-Minute Survey Your opinion matters! The way you learn about, evaluate, and deploy products is important to us and we’d love your feedback. Share your preferences with us in this quick, 5-minute survey. Start Survey!   Reflections on My First Six Months as VMware’s CTO Shortly after I […]

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VMware Heads to Dell Tech World!  

Hey VMUGers, who’s ready for Dell Tech World? I know I am. Why you ask? Well, the VMware and Dell relationship is very strong! Mr. Dell himself is the Chair of the VMware Board after all! With a tight relationship, it’s no wonder Dell Technologies is displaying that partnership to the hilt at this year’s […]

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Data Protection Content Preview – Dell Tech World Edition! 

Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to attending Dell Tech World this year and I’m excited for it to be back in person! I’ve highlighted some sessions that will help you on your data protection journey. Remember, data protection and security are a journey, not a destination. You should always be thinking how to better secure […]

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VMware News: March 2022

Highlights   IDC White Paper on VCF + vRealize This guide discusses running full-stack SDDC as a cloud with a unified management layer – in other words, VMware Cloud Foundation with vRealize – to enable a cloud operating model. Read more here.   Learn More About Skyline Automation Toolkit Introducing Skyline’s first-ever VMware Fling, Skyline […]

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