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VMware literally runs on VMware products, apps and solutions, and we are honored to share our achievement and innovative initiatives during our webcasts. VMware IT partners with all parts of the business, including R&D to deploy VMware products in our environments and with Sales to share our product deployment journey with Customers. We’ve had a major impact on improving collaboration throughout the company and introducing infrastructure programs to complement app modernization. Contact us at vmwonvmw@vmware.com to connect with our IT subject matter experts and learn about our deployment journeys, IT best practices, and thought leadership.


VMware on VMware: Set Sail for the Adventure of Modern Management

Monday, January 18, 2021 | 10:00AM EET

Speaker: Stefan Grigorov, Senior Systems Information Engineer, Colleague Experience and Technology (CET), VMware

IT professionals around the world have been managing corporate devices in the same way for decades. The issue is that these are modern times, and IT organizations will not be successful unless they are able to make the transition from legacy management and embrace modern management. VMware IT has been on the modern management journey for several years and will share what makes us successful when it comes to simplifying IT operations, hardening security, and empowering colleagues with a personalized experience and Day One access to “any app, on any device.”




VMware on VMware: How VMware Manages its Private Cloud with vRealize Operations

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

Speaker: Jason Dunn, Cloud Operations Manager, VMware

More than ever the intricacies of modern IT infrastructure emphasize the need for comprehensive monitoring and management solutions. vRealize Operations (vROps) is an essential part of the toolbox that VMware IT uses to ensure high availability in one of the world’s largest Private Clouds. In this session we will focus on the value vROps can provide to the different roles within an IT organization. We will cover real-world use cases that demonstrate capabilities to help resolve day-to-day incidents and facilitate capacity planning efforts. We will show how metrics can be customized to align with different use cases, and visualized for easy consumption. We will also walk through how VMware uses automation to ensure 350+ vCenters are monitored consistently.

Key Takeaways:
 - Understand real-world examples that showcase benefits that apply to multiple roles within IT
 - Learn how to customize data metrics to different use cases 
 - See real examples of dynamic dashboard visualizations 
 - Learn how VMware automates and ensures monitoring consistency across 350+ vCenters




VMware on VMware: VMware IT’s Modern App Platform Delivers a Superior Developer Experience

Monday, January 25, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST

Speakers: Manas Singh, Senior Applications Administrator, VMware & Varinder Kumar, IT Senior Director, VMware

VMware IT supports a diverse set of applications, environments, technology platforms and custom applications. This complexity is compounded by the numerous custom applications that our developers must create, and the many associated change requests related to design, log aggregation, and configuration monitoring. VMware IT realized it needed a platform that enables developers to build and deploy modern applications faster and also run apps on infrastructure that offers more stability at scale. To address this, IT created the Chief Digital Transformation Office (CDTO) Modern App Platform (MAP), powered by the VMware Tanzu portfolio, a suite of VMware products that enables developers to rapidly develop, deploy and manage modern applications. Along with providing high availability (infrastructure requests now have zero wait times), the platform provides self-service capabilities at each step, allowing developers to deliver new features and releases with minimal intervention from operations teams.

Key Takeaways:
 - Learn how to build a platform that delivers superior customer and/or colleague experience
 - Understand how to integrate systems in real time and reduce the time to build software
 - Hear how to improve scalability, user accessibility and security




VMware on VMware: Using Horizon 7 and Zero Trust Concepts to Secure Virtual Desktops and Apps

Friday, January 29, 2021 | 10:00 AM IST

Speaker: Aju Sukumaran, Senior Manager of Information Systems, Colleague Experience and Technology, VMware

VMware IT is committed to delivering a delightful experience to all colleagues and enable them to do their best work. As part of this commitment, we leverage VMware Horizon desktops and applications to provide secure, seamless access to internal resources, regardless of the device or location. In this sessions, we will address some key elements and technologies used to build VMware Horizon internal deployments and how they advantageously tie in with Zero Trust security concepts.

Key Takeaways:
 - How VMware Horizon, VMware Workspace ONE, and VMware Carbon Black tie in with the concepts of Zero Trust security.
  - How to use VMware Horizon to your advantage with Dynamic Environment Manager Contextual policies, Unified Access Gateway, and VMware NSX identity firewall from an IT perspective.
 - How and which components we used from the technology stack to enforce Zero Trust concepts and lessons learned.


Featured Speakers


Jason Dunn

Jason is a Cloud Operations Manager within VMware’s Engineering Services team working on VMware’s global private cloud. Our team is focused on delivering and operating a large scale, highly available private cloud with efficiency. Jason has 20+ years of industry experience specializing in systems management, integration, virtualization, converged infrastructure, performance/capacity analysis, and scripting/automation.


Stefan Grigorov

Stefan is responsible for all aspects of managing Windows endpoints and has more than 15 years of experience. Before joining VMware, he was an Architect for DXC Technology and a SCCM Architect with HP.


Varinder Kumar

Varinder joined VMware in 2008 and manages the global Application Operations team responsible for 24×7 availability of all corporate internal and external applications including SAP, Oracle, etc. He works closely with the application development and architecture teams to ensure that systems are designed with 100% resiliency.


Manas Singh

Manas is responsible for application infrastructure design and implementation. Prior to working at VMware, Manas served tenure with Oracle where he was involved in designing Oracle Middleware Infrastructure for its customers. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Applications.


Aju Sukumaran

Aju is a Senior Manager of Information Systems, Colleague Experience and Technology at VMware. He is responsible for the internal deployment and support of end-user computing products. Aju and his team provide virtual workspace deployment and administration for VMWare internal colleagues. Aju also successfully deployed various other VMware technologies prior to joining our Information Technology team.