VMUG Mentorship Program

VMUG Mentorship Program

VMUG is currently offering an exclusive mentoring program to a limited number of participants. The 6-month program allows for VMUG members to be a mentor, mentee, or both to fellow VMUG members!  


The VMUG Mentorship Program provides the option for participants to be focused on technical and/or professional development. Regardless of what you are looking for, you have the power to choose a match that fits your development needs.

The VMUG team encourages mentees lead the pace of learning for the duration of the 6 months. The platform guides participants through creating goals, creating a learning plan, and you will work directly with your match to  determine the pace of your interaction. To put it short, it’s completely up to you!

Areas of Mentorship: 

  • Career advancement 
  • Specific technical skills  
  • Certification prep 
  • Public speaking and leadership  
  • And many more professional development areas of focus!

Why be a Mentee: 

  • Professional development 
  • Diversify your skillset 
  • Free educational opportunity 
  • Network with fellow VMUG members around the world!

Why be a Mentor: 

  • Resume builder  
  • Professional development 
  • Professional networking 
  • Educate fellow members based on your expertise
For more information, please contact the VMUG team at mentoring@vmug.com.

Currently enrolled in the VMUG Mentorship Program? To log in:

  1. Log into your VMUG account
  2. Select “My VMUG Account” on the top of this page
  3. The mentoring portal link can be found in the My Membership \ Advantage section of your “My VMUG Account”

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