Welcome to the Ball Park!


Welcome to the Ball Park!

Now that you’re a VMUG All Star, you’ll have the opportunity to engage, share, and win! As you participate, any relevant high-level results will be shared back with you, giving you an exclusive look at the VMUG communitySee below for our live engagements. 

Keep in mind that the most engaged All Stars will receive additional mystery prizes along the way! So keep the ball rolling, let your voice be heard, and win win win! 

Click on the links below to get in the game! Please note that you must complete the entire engagement in order to be eligible to win the prize.

Prize!  # of Winners  Avg. Time Category  Closes  Prize Drawing
VMUG Fave Getting to share the love! Unlimited ~ 30 seconds VMUG Membership Never NA

*These are trended engagements! These may seem familiar because we are comparing the same results over time for more valuable insights 😊 
^These engagements are done in collaboration with our elite partners 

More chances to engage will be added throughout the year, so keep an eye out for new engagement announcements or return to this page (under ‘Getting Involved’ on the VMUG site).


What do the categories mean? 

Categories  Description 
VMUG Membership  We want to understand your overall impressions and experience with VMUG so we can ensure this is a valuable and supportive community that’s constantly evolving to better suit your needs. 

VMUG Content  Content is only useful if it’s relevant and provided in a convenient format. These engagements will help us zero in on the perfect formula. 

VMUG Benefits  We want to know how you interact with our current benefits so we can adjust or enhance our offerings moving forward. 

VMware Products  You’re all here to better understand and implement VMware products, right? These engagements will help us understand your product interest and use so we can better serve the VMUG community. 

IT Topics  Why, what, when, where, and how are you using IT in your current role? We want to know the details so we can arm you with the info you need to succeed! 

Mixed Bag  You’ll find a little bit of every category in these assorted engagements. 

Just for Fun!  All our engagements are quick and enjoyable, but sometimes we need a break from IT. These engagements will go off the beaten path of IT and venture into the world of spaceships, heroes, and bacon flavors 😊