New Local VMUG Request Form

    Thank you for your interest in starting a new local VMUG!

    Falling under the VMUG global organization, the local VMUGs are regional communities of VMware users that hold regular meetings to share best practices, network, and learn from each other.

    Basic requirements for Affiliated VMware User Groups are:

    • Maintain active membership of at least 25 users
    • Hold group meetings and events at least quarterly
    • Participation in a dedicated Local VMUG Workspace
    • Maintain at least one leader of the group

    Please complete the form below if you are interested in starting a new group in your local area and being the leader for that group. In the form below, you will have the chance to let us know if you are interested in leading the new group or if you have identified a VMUG member who might be a potential leader.

    If you choose to volunteer as a leader of a local VMUG, you will be responsible for the coordination and planning of these meetings. Please read through the Local VMUG Leader and Program Guidelines for a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in being a leader, the resources available and then also complete the VMUG Leader Application online.

    New Local VMUG Request Form

    First Name: *Req.
    Last Name: *Req.
    Company: *Req.
    Title: *Req.
    Email: *Req.
    Phone: *Req.
    Address 1: *Req.
    Address 2:
    City: *Req.
    Country: *Req.
    State/Province: *Req.
    Postal Code: *Req.
    Relationship to VMware: *Req.

    Name of new Local VMUG Requested: *Req.
    Nearest City: *Req.
    Please provide a short explanation about why you would like to start this new Local VMUG: *Req.
    Please provide the name and email of the local VMware representative or SE who will support the local VMUG: *Req.
    Estimated VMware users in the area?:
    Is there anyone else interested in serving as a co-leader for this new VMUG with you? If so, please provide their name(s) and email address(es):
    If you have any additional comments you would like to share, please enter them here:

    Please contact at with any questions.

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