VMware's EVALExperience gives you exclusive access to 365-day evaluation licenses for a selection of VMware solutions, for personal use in a non-production environment. 


EVALExperience Instructions

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Exclusive Licenses

VMUG Advantage provides members exclusive development opportunities with 365-day access to VMware solutions, discounted training, certification opportunities and more.

EVALExperience FAQs

Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure

  • VMware vCenter Server Standard (includes vRealize Suite 2019 Enterprise and vSphere Enterprise Plus)
  • VMware vSphere® vCloud Suite Standard
  • VMware vSphere® 7 *NEW
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu Basic *NEW
  • VMware Cloud Director *NEW

Networking & Security

  • VMware NSX Data Center Evaluation
  • VMware vRealize Network Insight

Storage and Availability

  • VMware vSAN™ 7 *NEW
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager

Cloud Management

  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator
  • VMware vCloud Suite® Standard

Desktop & Application Virtualization

  • VMware Horizon® Advanced Edition
  • VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon®

Personal Desktop

  • VMware Fusion Pro
  • VMware Workstation Pro 

userquote1.pngqoutecircle.png“VMUG Advantage has given me an opportunity to use a portfolio of VMware products in my home lab, then I pitch those products my boss. I now have confidence in using NSX, vRealize Animation, and SRM – those are the things that I’ve never been able to play with before, but EvalExperience has let me do that.”— James Muller, Boston VMUG Leader